Lagos State Fire Service lost water tanker worth millions of naira to hoodlums in Lagos.

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National Council on Fire wants FG to adopt Fire Service under Exclusive Legislative List of 1999 Constitution The 9th Conference of the National Council on Fire held recently in Enugu has called on the Federal Government to adopt Fire Service under item 45 of the Exclusive Legislative List of 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic …

  Siege is a military parlance. It refers to a form of low intensity conflict characterized by one party holding a strong defensive position over a perceived target. It is a situation in which soldiers or police officers surround a city or building in order to take control. Although siege warfare creates opportunity for negotiation, …

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Building Fire Safety Resilience through Risk Reduction

Tesla Model 3 Protects Its Passengers after Flipping Over In China

third tourist attraction wiped out by fire at the Chernobyl

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