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DEER PARK, Texas (AP) gathered that Emergency crews worked tirelessly on Monday 18/3/2019 to control a fire outbreak at  Houston-area petrochemicals terminal that has spread to eight storage tanks.   Firefighters used foam to battle the inferno, the fire which started Sunday morning at Intercontinental Terminals Company in Deer Park, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) …

The fact that Women in many developing countries face enormous challenges due to lack of economic empowerment is such that cannot be overemphasized. This has necessitated the leadership of the Fire Officers Wives Association (FOWA) under the leadership of Mrs. Juliana Anebi to organize an empowerment cum skill acquisition program aimed at increasing and enlarging …

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Car Crashes Into Electric Pole: Leaving two persons burnt in FCT

liman ibrahim resume office.

Zimbabwe fire brigade on frontline after protests.

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