third tourist attraction wiped out by fire at the Chernobyl

Third tourist attraction wiped out by fire at the Chernobyl.

After close to a 10-day fire near Chernobyl in the current Ukraine is the forest fires now about to be turned off. But they have taken about 30 percent of the tourist attractions in the flames.

However, there is not so much reason to despair. The main memories of the nuclear accident which hit the plant in the then Soviet union on Saturday, 26. april 1986, stands there yet.

It applies to the control room for the reactor no. 4, which was the frame of the nuclear meltdown. The power plant and the city of Pripyat nearby all escaped the fire.

“We lost some places, but they are not among the most central of Chernobyl,” said Serhiy Murnyi, who is the director of turoperatøren Chernobyl Tour to Forbes. “But yet the devastation my heart to bleed.”

The Fires, which started on 4. april, is almost turned off, when the area was hit by a fierce rain, the 14. april.

More than 500 firefighters, 124 fire engines and several helicopters were on Tuesday still in the process of efterslukningen, informs the rescue service.

Several abandoned villages in the current exclusion zone, where there is access forbidden because of a radiological emergency, is burned down during skovbranden.

The former soviet youth camp ‘Izumrudnoe’, which was a collection of beautiful wooden houses in the forest, is also gone to in flames. In these houses lived the first to combat disaster in 1986.

The Fire had a good hold in the forest near Chernobyl, as it was at its highest. Police in Kiev had, and on the 6. april arrested a man for setting fire to the forest.


Chernobyl was the site where the world’s greatest nuclear accident took place. The fourth reactor melted down during an experiment, and scattered radioactive material over most of Europe.

Since then, the site has become a major tourist attraction.

The power Plant was closed after the disaster, and it has opened itself to tourists in 2011. The miniseries ‘Chernobyl’ on the television channel HBO, about the disaster, which had its premiere in 2019, gave the Chernobyl even more wind in the sails as a tourist attraction.


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