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As a unique strategy, French fire crews accustomed to attending road traffic accidents, putting out fires and other humanitarian services, are adapting to a new line of work as first responders in the fight against coronavirus. Fire Fighters Magazine gathered. Revealed, With the French healthcare system under massive strain from the numbers of people sick …

Fire Fighters Magazine gathered that, all on board, including a doctor, a nurse and foreign nationals, were killed after the plane, used in the country’s coronavirus response, caught fire as it took off in Manila for Japan. A plane used as an air ambulance by the Philippine health department to fight the coronavirus outbreak burst …

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In a bid to combat fire menace in Nig, CG, FFS take delivery of fire trucks to Katsina state.

Alaska needs broad review of aviation safety

Ryan Newman hospitalized after horrific crash at Daytona 500

NEMA cautions against activities that may cause fire outbreaks

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